Overview - IT-Transformation von Senacor
Wait or grow?

A career without roadblocks


Exchange of knowledge in both directions

By collaborating with selected partner chairs at German universities, we offer insight into the practical implementation of theoretical approaches and complement the Senacor service offer with innovative impetus from academia and research. Within the scope of lectures, seminars and doctoral workshops, we make complex IT transformations tangible by providing specific project examples.

Our partner chairs

  • University of Augsburg, Prof. Dr. Buhl
  • Kühne Logistics University Hamburg, Prof. Ludwig
  • University of Leipzig, Prof. Dr. Alt
  • Karlsruhe Service Research Institut, Prof. Dr. Mädche
  • Technical University of München, Prof. Krcmar
  • University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Prof. Bodendorf
  • University of Paderborn, Prof. Dr. Kundisch
  • University of Regensburg, Prof. Dr. Heinrich & Prof. Klier

Is your university missing from the list?


We are looking for

students in economics, business informatics, information technology, mathematics, physics or a comparable degree programme, ideally shortly before graduation or already with some actual work experience.

We offer

  • Participation in real problem-solving
  • Being a part of a project team from the beginning
  • Direct client contact, no back office groundwork
  • Intensive support by a coach

Internship positions

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