Overview - IT-Transformation von Senacor
Stand out quickly.

Successfully led a 12-person client team
in a major project 24 months after startin


We view it as our responsibility to actively promote the professional development of our employees. We stipulate “Master IT” in our two-part mission.

With a combination of training on and off the job, as well as systematic competency management, we ensure not only advanced professional training but also promote personal development.


Absorbing Our Knowledge

The principle: Effective knowledge management – because knowledge increases only if you share it.

  • The Senacor Knowledge Base condenses the explicit knowledge into a database.
  • The Senacor Academy provides support with the ongoing development of hard and soft skills.
  • Cooperation agreements with universities advance the development of knowledge between research and practice.

Doing It Yourself

The principle: Gathering on-the-job experience since you learn the quickest in practical project work.

  • Independent work gives you room for practical experience and errors – because you learn from errors.
  • Every career entrant can grow into his or her real responsibilities through independent, clearly delineated end-product responsibility.
  • The Master-Apprentice model gives each employee an experienced contact partner.
  • Performance counts – competence wins. Each argument is heard, and the best solution is implemented.
  • Each career entrant learns to represent his or her own work from the beginning through direct client contact.

Challenging Your Role

The principle: Encouraging individuality in order to promote you – because if you can assume challenges, you can show strengths.

  • Providing uniform, objectively testable and plannable career steps with the Senacor Skill Base.
  • Assessing your own performance with performance reviews.
  • Tackling individual goals jointly with a personal development plan.
  • carefully assuming greater responsibility through the Opportunity Window.


    • Why does Senacor invest so strongly in employee development?
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): Senacor differentiates itself on the market by offering high quality services and an exciting mix of expertise. Our employees want to learn and develop. Both fit excellently together and result in much higher than average attention to the substantial development of colleagues.
    • How do employees assume an active role in their development?
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): Employees can develop their career model according to their own personal priorities. In personal meetings between employees and supervisors, a personal development plan is coordinated and determines both the advanced education measures and the project work necessary for development.
    • Does Senacor give its employees latitude in the co-determination of the company?
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): Senacor encourages its employees to assume responsibility for the client, but also in the company at an early stage. Since we are growing quickly and optimising not only our clients, but also ourselves, there are always opportunities for contributing ideas to internal projects and further developing the company.

10 new employees
hired each month

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