Absorbing - IT-Transformation von Senacor

Absorbing Our Knowledge

Making knowledge available

Our tools such as the Senacor Knowledge Base allow for the controlled and effective archiving and bundling of our jointly gained knowledge from project experiences and internal projects for the development of methods.

A Knowledge Committee guarantees that the evaluation and assessment of the knowledge gained from experience will be handled according to relevant criteria. Furthermore, we share our knowledge through regular knowledge talks in the form of webcasts and specific communities.

This allows us to achieve what defines the Senacor know-how: the bundling of implicit and explicit knowledge, from employees for employees.

Increasing knowledge

In order to keep our knowledge up to date at all times and constantly increase it, the Senacor Academy guarantees the advanced development of each employee on a professional and personal level.

A curriculum tailored to the knowledge fields and the industries systematically expands the knowledge where it is needed. Regular soft skill training also ensures the personal development of our employees and helps to expand strengths and skills.

Since this involves relevant knowledge, the majority of it is handled by internal trainers who are familiar with the requirements and the specific know-how of Senacor in the market.

Increasing knowledge

We support research in our area and contribute to new discoveries through cooperation agreements with universities. We support employees in the PhD process and ensure that we will constantly expand our knowledge.


    • Can you successfully study part-time for a PhD or master's degree and work?
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): We actually encourage that actively and have a programme designed for studying by allowing for part-time work or the accruing of work time that can then be used for future days off. We also help by developing the right subjects and contacts through our collaborative work with university chairs.
    • How many training sessions do employees attend each year?
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): We plan two to four training programmes per year. This is arranged individually with the supervisor as part of the personal development plan for each year.
    • How do colleagues share their knowledge with each other?
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): For example, at the knowledge talks that take place every two to three weeks on a regular basis. In addition, there are other exciting activities that promote exchange. Also informal ones such as the group breakfast every Friday.
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