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Challenging Your Role

Taking on challenges

Appraising and assessing your own performance is the key for adequate professional development.

This is why we hold structured feedback meetings between project managers or client service team (CST) managers and employees on a regular basis in our performance reviews.

Individual skills are evaluated according to the Senacor Skill Base. This makes it possible to evaluate performance that was already seen in the project work and that must be developed for the next level of responsibility.

The personal development plan makes recommendations for future project responsibilities (Doing) and training (Absorbing) in order to continue fostering the right skills. The plan is considered to be guidelines for the employee and future supervisors if the project changes.

Exercising responsibility

If the employee is ready for the next step of responsibility, he or she will be carefully entrusted with new responsibilities through the Opportunity Window.

During a trial period, the employee is prepared for the responsibilities in the case of a possible promotion and assumes the role required by the next step of responsibility over a specific time frame of several months. This allows the employee to show that he or she meets the requirements for promotion under real conditions and with appropriate positioning in the project.

He or she will also not be left alone here. The supervisor assumes a “safety net” function so that responsibility is assumed without risk.


    • How often do performance reviews take place?
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): At least once a year, and also at the request of employees and in the case of specific requirements, e.g. after a project change.
    • Who decides that employees will be promoted?
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): Senacor has both a client-oriented organisation of professionals and a board structure. The People & Staffing Committee – where all the partners are represented and have responsibility for the business – collectively decides upon admission to the Opportunity Window for a new position or promotion at a later time. The partner who is the supervisor of the employee scheduled for promotion acts as the sponsor and explains the achieved development to his or her colleagues.
    • Describe the feedback culture at Senacor
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): Senacor has established the primacy of the factual argument, i.e. the content of the argument counts independent of the position within the company. We want our employees to disagree if there are good arguments. This involves not only having an opinion, but also representing it with facts to the clients and to Senacor.
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