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Doing It Yourself

Assuming responsibility early on, but not alone

We believe that development can only take place where people bear responsibility. As a result, we use suitable project work to ensure that career entrants quickly come into direct contact with the client and work independently.

The key is the team. Every career entrant works side by side with experienced colleagues who can provide him or her with help. Accordingly, each employee quickly enjoys successful experiences and can assess the results of his or her work 1:1. Since room for errors is allowed at the beginning, each employee enjoys individual space for creativity by testing and expanding his or her own strengths.

During the early months in the company, the new colleague will be assigned an experienced employee as a mentor in order to quickly learn the culture, the procedure and the daily project business.

Each individual learns differently

This is why we focus on the personal development that the employee undergoes within the scope of his or her opportunities and responsibilities.

We have requirements but we do not overwhelm. We promote but do not demand too little. We assess our employees according to their professional performance and individual development and use their strengths accordingly.


    • Are employees thrown into the deep end?
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): A clear no is the response to the negative aspect of this metaphor. Irrespective of whether the employee is a university graduate or an experienced employee, every first day on a new project is always exciting and we tackle difficult tasks jointly on the team.
    • How does the mentoring concept function?
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): We assign new employees a comparably qualified colleague who has been in the company for roughly one to two years in order to solve the typical questions efficiently and develop contacts.
    • Can people test various activities in order to figure out the direction of their development?
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): Senacor offers a number of career paths and promotes multi-specialists. Systematic career consulting according to a skill model, meetings with colleagues and observing various activities in project work allow them to understand personal development possibilities and actively influence them.
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