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Application process

We take ample time so that we can get to know each other very well on both a professional and a personal level. The framework for this is a structured, three-stage interview process.


Preliminary Review

Within one week of electronically receiving your application forms, letter of motivation, CV and certificates, we will give you feedback on the result of our preliminary review. If the preliminary review suggests that your professional plans and experience/education match our needs, we will invite you to an interview round.


Interview Round

The interview round is designed for us to meet you personally in more depth and gives you and us a basis to decide for or against future collaboration. We will discuss the framework conditions for collaboration – such as the professional focus, the path of development and salary – in this step.


  • Time: One full day, approx. 5 hours, usually on Fridays
  • Place: At a Senacor office
  • Arrival and departure: Usually possible on the same day, by rail or plane; we will gladly help you with the booking; Senacor will also cover the costs
  • Implementation: You will meet a number of Senacor employees at various levels of responsibility. An interviewer – the “case manager” – will assume the role of your main personal contact.


  • Three individual interviews, each with one Senacor employee, of which one is the “case manager” (1h each)
    • CV and competencies
    • Professional goals and understanding of role
    • Placement within Senacor’s project business and structures
    • Problem-solving in a case study from Senacor’s project history
  • All applicants of that day introduced to the company (1h)
    • Service spectrum and clients
    • Organisation
    • Key performance indicators
    • Employee promotion and career
    • Salary structure and compensation model
  • Initial feedback meeting with case manager on the basis of the three interviews (0.5h)

Final Meeting

On the same evening of the interview round, the case managers and other representatives from the partnership will discuss the possibility and contents of a contractual offer for you, identify open points and determine the future proceedings. The case manager will contact you on the next business day in order to discuss further proceedings or explain the reasons for a rejection.


  • Time: 1.5h; weekday can be decided on the basis of availability, as well as early or late in the day
  • Place: At a Senacor office
  • Arrival and departure: By rail or plane; we will gladly help you with the booking; Senacor will also cover the cost.
  • Implementation: One-on-one interview with a Senacor employee on the partner level


  • Discussion of your open questions about Senacor
  • Review of the findings in the interviews:
    • Comparing your understanding of the role with the professional work and development goals
    • Clarification of open points
  • If necessary: problem-solving in a case study
  • Sketch of a personal development plan
  • Explanation of options for first project work
  • Specification of key aspects in contract, incl. salary classification

If the outcome is positive, you will receive a specific offer directly at the final meeting or afterwards by phone. The written contractual offer will then follow within a few business days.

Do you have any questions?

Write us an email or call Katharina Landes at: +49 (911) 4244 – 424

    • Does how you receive an application it make a difference?
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): We prefer electronic submissions because we can process them more efficiently. However, completeness is more important than the way that the material is submitted. Letter of motivation, CV and education and employment certificates are absolutely necessary in order to give us a complete picture.
    • How much in advance of the planned starting date should a person apply?
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): The time factor does not play a major role in the case of permanent hiring. We are growing very quickly and have no “planned positions.” Our processes are also so streamlined that we can quickly integrate new colleagues into our teams. However, I recommend applying six weeks in advance in the case of internships or university degree work.
    • How do people discover the best place for them to fit in?
    • Katharina Landes (Partner HR): Above all, they should have a clear plan for what they want to achieve professionally and what the goal of their development is. I recommend looking at our case studies in order to understand how our projects are designed. And obviously our ideal role profile in order to have a rough idea of where they might fit in. Everything else develops on the basis of the job interviews.

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