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Operating on an open heart

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Our Approach

The Senacor approach is defined by three significant convictions and corresponding standards for the project work:

Thinking in solution patterns

We think in patterns in order to quickly determine and effectively resolve complex issues. Based on our experience, we usually have specific ideas for suitable structures that we can use for new projects. But we work out individual solution patterns that help to structure the activities of clients, ourselves and third parties in each case. Solution patterns according to the Senacor shape principle represent an integrative approach. They provide an overall picture that can be used for discussion and filled out with content. Senacor Shapes are not mechanical procedural models.

Pragmatic use of technology

As an abstract subject, IT is susceptible to overly complicated concepts that cannot be implemented in the practice or contribute any benefits. At Senacor, we view ourselves as implementers instead of researchers. We are enthusiastic about concepts that show their superiority in practical use. When involved in projects, we are the motor of a work environment in which all participants are enthusiastic about delivering excellent solutions and accomplishing effective change. Such a pragmatic delivery culture is only possible with genuine technical implementation expertise.

Focus on effective change

Changes demand much effort, which is why they must be worth it. They require conviction on all levels of the client organisation, from the management to the expert teams and employees in the operating processes. In close collaboration with our clients, we ensure solutions that are worth achieving – on a large and small scale. Integrated project teams, including those with third-party service providers, let us guarantee the impressiveness of the content on all levels and ensure effective and sustainable change.

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