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Our approach: Solution pattern

We design IT landscapes with the aid of structural patterns. A pattern represents the form, i.e., the core aspect of a problem or the core idea of a solution.

We collect our experience-based knowledge in the form of these individual patterns, which we call shapes. Since the challenges of business IT transformations cannot be handled with the aid of a generic standard method.


Business IT Design Shapes

Integrated solution patterns for proecesses, products, organization and IT landscpaes, often with an industry-specific character.
For example:

  • process efficiency and canal integration in retail banking
  • valuation architecture in retail, finance & risk for capital markets
  • channel and product-overarching sales & client service in telecommunications

Technology Shapes

Technology solution patterns for software at points of critical change. They describe the software infrastructure, deployment, design patterns, etc., e.g.:

  • component-oriented Java front-ends
  • Java service architecture for processing IT (transactions and long-running processes)

Delivery Shapes

Solution patterns for procedure and organization in transformation programmes:

  • data-oriented professional and IT conception with written tests
  • component-oriented modelling in the processing IT

IT Process Shapes

Structure of a procedure for the management of IT solutions in the line organization, specifically for individual IT management disciplines, e.g.:

  • use-oriented enterprise architecture management
  • domain-oriented IT requirement management



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