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The banking sector is subject to constant change. Due in part to the financial crises, regulatory efforts have focused in particular on banks. This has exerted continuous pressure on them to adjust and led many market participants to critically review their business models.

In addition, the increasing globalisation of markets, the emergence of non-banks and near-banks on the market and a very cost-sensitive client environment sometimes requires far-reaching changes to maintain competitiveness.

The sector has reacted with various measures that directly impact the IT system landscape:

  • Mergers to increase market share and exploit synergies
  • Standardising and automating business processes; if necessary, in connection with the relocation of operations to low-wage locations or countries
  • Improving data quality and consistency in bank management
  • Increasing the flexibility of bank management IT to achieve the structurally less expensive implementation of regulatory changes
  • Using innovative sales approaches and technologies at the point of sale and via mobile end devices
  • Making a stronger differentiation through product innovations

In addition to business reasons for changes in IT, there is further potential for optimisation:

  • Streamlining the IT structure/process organisation
  • Developing use-oriented enterprise architecture units
  • Introducing agile development methods
  • Adjusting production depth of IT
  • Engaging in technological modernisation

The development and implementation of sustainable solutions in this area requires an integrated, overarching view of the system landscape, a comprehensive understanding of products and processes and – last but not least – sophisticated architecture and management expertise. Senacor combines these competencies and supports prominent clients in all segments of the financial sector. Typical areas of business IT transformation in banking include:

  • Process efficiency and multi-channel banking
  • Modernising/upgrading of the core banking systems (client/account/liability management)
  • Modernising/upgrading of credit systems
  • Consolidating trading systems and cross-application position transparency
  • Supplying data for enterprise functions (risk, finance and regulatory reporting)
  • Developing main ledger/subledger architecture and IFRS 9 / IFRS 13
  • Creating efficient processing platforms in transaction business

Project Examples

  • Developing an overarching IT mission and integration planning for mergers between retail banks
  • Optimising bank controlling systems, incl. the data supply, for a large real estate and government financier
  • Realising a multi-channel architecture for market leadership in sales and high efficiency in processing at a leading retail bank
  • Executing strategy development and integration architecture of a joint European bank platform for a major bank after acquisition
  • Launching a smart offshoring model for the IT of a major German bank
  • Modernising the technological platform of a German direct bank
  • Automating front- and middle-office processes in construction financing
  • Designing and developing a multi-channel/multi-country platform for sales and portfolio processing of instalment loans for a special product provider at Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks
  • Exchanging the brokerage middleware in a minimally invasive process for a leading direct bank
  • Designing and realising the application for online credit processes at a development bank
  • Controlling the architecture office for an IT transformation within the context of an SAP banking launch at a retail bank
  • Planning, controlling and implementing in the group-wide consolidation of the IT landscape in the areas of treasury, risk, accounting and operations at a special institute
  • Creating target architecture and a roadmap for development, as well as an overarching control system, for the foreign subsidiaries of a leading asset manager
  • Planning, controlling and implementing of the business IT landscape for the spin-off of a wind-up agency
  • Unbundling and connecting operating systems to the central core bank platform, as well as support for the sourcing of securities processing, within the context of post-merger integration at a European market leader
  • Establishing the overall architecture function and overarching control in the group-wide consolidation and harmonisation of capital market areas, including conception and implementation of a new subledger architecture, for a major bank
  • Designing the IT development plan for investment banking, software selection and implementation plan in a Landesbank Environment

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