Overview - IT-Transformation von Senacor
Promoting Knowledge

Analysed 15,000 call relationships on mainframe for European bank fusion.

Operating on an open heart

Designed modern CRM for 14 million clients and delivered it in just two releases

Building Strategically

Four divisional executive managers, 14 projects and 25 systems – one transformation plan

Mass Coding

Delivered service-oriented multi-channel platform with 4,000 KLOC

Clients and Sectors

IT landscapes are defined by the business functions and organisational structures that they are intended to support. And they are usually very specific to a certain sector. Just like important decisions on technical solutions, e.g. in the handling of standard software.

On the basis of our project experience, we are aware of how important sector know-how is on both the professional and the technical level. This is why we organise our service offers by sector:

These sectors have the most complex IT landscapes with simultaneously high professional and technical change dynamics. New business strategies can often just be implemented here with a transformation in the IT. Our transformation approaches are always based on sector-specific circumstances and goals.

The following references provide three tangible project examples that demonstrate separate elements of our service spectrum. 


Transformation Planning

Modernisation of the IT landscape for growth and product innovation in logistics

As the existing IT landscape of a leading global logistics corporation could no longer meet the requirements of product innovations and business growth, our project team drew up a draft of an overarching professional development plan with a modular structure as a strategic partner. The development plan was used for the design of an integration layer and for the consistent management of the IT transformation.

Case Study Transformation Planning 


Transformation Management

Consolidation of the IT landscape for concentration on the core business in banking

A major bank for real estate, government and infrastructure financing faced the challenge of strategic outsourcing of a part of its business and taking changes in statutory and organizational framework conditions into account. Our project team took over the overarching planning and control of different IT services in a coordinated programme and ensured consistent company-wide overall architecture as an implementing partner for the required integration service.

Case Study Transformation Management  


Transformation Delivery

Achievement of a multi-channel architecture for market leadership in sales and service in banking

As the leading IT service provider in the design and implementation for the system area of sales, service and transactions, our team faced the challenge of converting client’s IT and professional area to a channel-independent way of thinking and working. Our task was the professional design of “real” multi-channel services as well as the design of a modular and service-oriented architecture.

Case Study Transformation Delivery  

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