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Public Sector

The public sector is defined by change: The impact of globalisation and the financial crisis, stronger security requirements and demographic change are significant influential factors.
Reliability, efficiency and effectiveness in public administration are increasingly important in Germany.

Within this connection, the public sector must address some significant new requirements such as:

  • Change in the rendering of services for a service orientation
  • Opening of internal agency processes for citizens and business due to the modernisation of administration and open government/open data
  • Innovative self-service offers for citizens
  • Increasing density of change for statutory adjustments and regulations
  • Consolidation of IT in central service centres

These changes mean that IT in the public sector faces the challenge of modernising diversely intertwined systems and systematically networking previously separated procedure silos, as well as beyond the agencies themselves.

Senacor supports agencies such as the German Federal Labour Office (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) in the systematic transformation of system landscapes and can draw on many years of successful project experience.

Project Examples

  • Launch of service-oriented architectures (SOA), incl. the necessary integration solution (enterprise service bus, etc.)
  • Optimisation and management of overarching architecture management
  • Development and implementation of platform strategy for a large existing system modernisation/migration
  • Strategy and planning for the front-end componentisation to achieve more efficiency in the front-end development
  • Conception and development of an application platform for order management to be reused in the widest range of business processes
  • Introduction of an agile procedure in requirement management and development process

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