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Building Strategically


Constantly increasing competitive pressure in telecommunications means that market participants must equip themselves for the future. Many of the initiatives cause substantial change the business and the necessary IT support.

Examples of changes are:

  • Integrated customer relationship management (via all business areas, all channels, etc.)
  • Product integration and cross-selling optimisation (quadruple play, etc.)
  • Modernisation and harmonisation of network technology (IP convergence, LTE, etc.)
  • New online business fields (video/music, social networks, etc.)
  • Optimisation of operating model and re-organisation (process industrialisation, outsourcing, etc.)

The resulting IT projects are large and complex. They are frequently connected with incalculable cost and time risks. The reasons for this are the silo-like isolated and redundant structures in the IT landscape and IT organisations, which are a result of the product portfolio’s strong growth and rapid expansion in recent years.

Senacor helps the leading telecommunications providers such as Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone with the analysis and planning of structural changes in IT and ensures implementation by using experienced programme/project managers, business process designers and technical architects.

Project Examples

  • IT development planning for an international IT consolidation to ERP, Billing and CRM
  • Target architecture and planning of IT support for channel integration
  • Potential determination for IT cost reductions
  • Process design and transition management for IT outsourcing and offshoring
  • Development of corporation-wide enterprise architecture management skills
  • Architecture and planning for corporation-wide enterprise service bus
  • Integration analysis of the operating support system OSS/BSS

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