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Our Management

Management’s responsibilities, which include work with the clients and corporate development, are shared across a partnership of more than 20 partners.

Matthias Tomann, Marcus Purzer, Andreas Werner and Dr. Kai Wilhelm Franzmeyer, who run the partnership as Managing Directors, assume overall responsibility for the business. They both built Senacor and turned it into a leading provider of business IT transformation consulting and management in Germany.

— Matthias Tomann
Managing Director

Manages the partnership and is responsible for client business and corporate strategy.

Matthias Tomann advises clients in business IT transformations and supports implementation in major projects and programmes in IT as an external programme director.

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Before his time at Senacor, he worked as a consultant in the IT field. He earned his degree in Business Administration with a focus on banking, finance and operations management in Germany and the US.

Matthias Tomann is married, has two children and lives in Nuremberg. He likes to spend his free time in the snow and on the water.

— Marcus Purzer
Managing Director

Manages the partnership and is responsible for client business and corporate strategy.

Marcus Purzer provides clients with business IT transformation support in strategy, architecture and implementation projects.

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After receiving his degree in Business Informatics and an MBA, he began his professional career at the strategic consulting firm of McKinsey & Company. His last position there was Associate Principal in the Business Technology Office.

Marcus Purzer is married and lives in Munich. He prefers to spend his leisure time with his wife on trips, skiing and at Lake Ammer. He likes to write and is interested in literature and film.

— Andreas Werner
Managing Director

Management of the partnership, responsible for customer business and corporate strategy.

Andreas Werner provides customers with advice about business IT transformation processes and supports the implementation of major projects and programs in IT departments as an external program manager.

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He completed his studies in business administration in Nuremburg and subsequently built up an Internet startup company in the field of picture sharing and finishing.

Andreas Werner is married with two children and lives in Fürth, Germany. He loves to spend his leisure time with his family, reading, on the lake or hiking in the mountains.

— Dr. Kai Wilhelm Franzmeyer
Managing Director

Führung der Partnerschaft, verantwortlich für Kundengeschäft und Unternehmensstrategie

Kai Wilhelm Franzmeyer unterstützt Kunden bei zentralen Herausforderungen, z.B. bei der Optimierung der Operating-Plattform und der Umsetzung von Change-Prozessen. Weitere Schwerpunkte seiner Arbeit sind Banksteuerung und strategisches Portfoliomanagement. 

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Seine akademische Ausbildung erhielt er in Münster und Freiburg. In den vergangenen 25 Jahren hat er alle Facetten des Bankgeschäfts kennengelernt, unter anderem als Group Treasurer des Commerzbank-Konzerns. Prägende Erfahrungen sammelte er während der Finanzmarktkrise als Vorstand der Hypo Real Estate-Gruppe und zuletzt als Vorsitzender des Vorstands der WestLB-Nachfolgerin Portigon AG.

Kai Wilhelm Franzmeyer ist verheiratet. Er hat zwei erwachsene Kinder, treibt viel Sport und verbringt seine Freizeit gerne im Taunus oder auf Reisen.

— Martin Hoepfner
Chief Financial Officer

Responsible for accounting and controlling, legal issues and human resources administration, as well as IT and infrastructure.

Mr. Hoepfner studied Business Administration with a focus on international accounting, banking and finance at the University of Frankfurt on the Main. Before coming to Senacor, he worked for various banks and financial service providers.

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Martin Hoepfner is married and has two children, a daughter and a son. He lives in Hamburg and prefers to spend his leisure time with his family at the North Sea and Baltic Sea, bicycling or on a boat.

— Raphael Vaino
Senior Vice President

Raphael Vaino is responsible for significant customer relationships and advises his clients on planning and implementation of business IT transformations. In his function as Senior Vice President at Senacor, he is responsible for sourcing and partnering.

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After studying Computer Science, Mr. Vaino began his career in 1995 at the publicly listed Netlife AG. As CTO of Netlife, he took on IT-responsibility early in his career. He is among the IT pioneers in the restructuring of bank sales structures with solutions for multi-channel banking, for which he is responsible. At the beginning of 2001, he formed a company for transactional financial portals that he successfully expanded and transferred to the C1 Group. He subsequently worked from 2003 to 2006 as the General Manager at the S1 Corporation, a global provider of front-office applications in the financial sector.

Raphael Vaino lives in Hamburg with his wife and their three children. He likes to spend his leisure time travelling and has recently learned to appreciate playgrounds.

— Dr. Verena Grundke
Director Strategy & Business Management

Responsible for internal and external growth and the development of related structures and processes at Senacor since late 2015.

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After studying Business Administration in Muenster, Dr. Grundke worked at The Boston Consulting Group for eight years, most recently as a Principal. During this time, she was advising companies in the telecommunications and industrial goods sectors both in Germany and abroad. Besides project work, Dr. Grundke was temporarily responsible for the recruitment of new consultants as a Recruitment Director. In 2009, she joined Deutsche Telekom, taking responsibility for the division “Strategy and Business Management Wholesale”. In 2013, she took over leadership of the “Key Account Management” for carrier costumers in South Germany.

Verena Grundke lives in Munich with her husband and her two children. She likes to spend her leisure time with her family at the Isar and at lakes and mountains south of Munich. Furthermore, she enjoys travelling, reading and doing sports.

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