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Focus: IT transformation

Senacor focuses on IT transformation: the structural reconstruction of the existing IT landscapes.

An IT transformation is necessary when:

  • The current IT no longer fulfils the company’s strategic needs
  • Large corporations consolidate or split up

IT transformations are among the most complex IT projects. They place high demands on the project team:

  • Detailed knowledge of the sector-specific processes, products, IT structures and IT standards
  • Structural understanding of the IT system landscape and its interrelations
  • Implementation experience in classic and modern technologies
  • Strategic planning expertise for IT development and IT organisation in close collaboration with the client’s top management
  • Management of large implementation teams

Senacor meets these high demands with a special competency mix in the team and with the above-average analytical ability of its individuals. This ultimately occurs in combination with an absolute delivery culture with genuine independence:

Instead of creating strategy papers for the cabinet, we earn our fees by working with our clients to achieve lasting changes.

Service Spectrum and References

In order to successfully complete IT transformations, it is necessary for us to master a range of IT disciplines. Our service spectrum includes:



Preparation of an objective for business and IT that radically improves the value of the IT for our clients – and offers a realistically implementable plan for achieving this goal.

  • Business IT strategy
  • Integrated target structure plan for processes, products, organisation and IT landscape (IT development plan)
  • Programme plan for implementation in master releases

Case Study Transformation Planning 



Using suitable management to ensure that transformation goals are operationalised and actually achieved.

  • Management of transformations on the programme and release level
  • Integrated operating leadership with regard to requirements (scope), rough solution concepts, solution architecture, budget and milestones on the basis of professional and technical in-depth understanding
  • Solution-finding on the cross-project and cross-application level at the interface between business and IT
  • Controlling and reporting on the programme and project level
  • Technology and method innovation for the resolution of critical IT problems
  • Selection and management of implementation partners


Case Study Transformation Management  



Implementation of projects within the framework of transformation programmes

  • Professional solution-finding and IT specification
  • Analysis and modelling of interfaces and data flows (professional and technical)
  • Implementation of software solutions for overarching critical parts of the IT landscape project management
  • Projektmanagement
  • Technical leadership in implementation

Case Study Transformation Delivery  



  • Customer Insight - Advanced Analytics 
  • Product Design / User Experience - Mobile first 
  • Process Design - Self-service 
  • Technology Design - Leight-weight 
  • Deliver & Operate - Agile 

Microsite "Digital Transformation"  

The ongoing development of our project approaches and training of our employees is focused on these IT disciplines. At the corresponding competence centres, we gather our experiences from individual client projects.

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